What is a nurse coach?

To say creating long-lasting, meaningful change in life is difficult is a serious understatement. Some days it can feel nearly impossible! Is it possible to progress past the early stages of change without having to start over again and again…and again?

I believe it is. What it all boils down to is support. Do you have the support you need to reach your long term goals?

I’m on an exciting new journey of becoming a nurse coach and I have some exciting stuff to share. But first, I’d like to address that question I’m sure you’re ready for me to answer by now.

What is a nurse coach? Simply put, a nurse coach is someone who will come alongside you on your wellness journey to help you achieve and maintain progress so that you can be a healthier, happier you!

A nurse coach is truly a catalyst for change in a holistic wellness revolution.

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Now for the exciting news!

As part of my learning requirements, I have an amazing opportunity to work with clients for free. So, I will be offering 5 hours of FREE coaching in 4 sessions. With that said, I am excited to help you or someone you know build on their overall health and wellness.

Everything remains confidential per HIPPA guidelines. In our sessions, we will explore what is working well in your life and what isn’t. We will discover how you can move forward with a compelling vision and clear action steps.

Tools used in nurse coaching include: mindfulness, appreciative inquiry, strengths identification, and SMART goal setting.

Nurse coaches are trained in mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork exercises.

Nurse coaches practice deep listening, compassion, nonjudgment, seeking permission, and empowerment.

You are enough, and you have what it takes! You don’t need to stay overwhelmed trying to figure it out on your own. It begins with taking the first step.

I am here to encourage, acknowledge, and appreciate the gift that you are as an innately whole human being. You are enough!

With all my heart, I believe that lasting wellness is built from the inside out.

If you want the empowerment that comes with being your own best advocate or you are wanting to align or realign with your full healing potential, please direct message me, comment below or email me at nursehealingadvocate@gmail.com. Please include what you’d like to be coached on, and why.


Ruth Renee George, RN BSN

Student Nurse Wellness Coach


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu