Love is…

Noticing the little things

Sideways glances, silly smirks

playful winks from across the room

Speaking my name with tenderness and joy

Walking, talking, laughing, joking

Snuggling on the couch to

watch a movie or our favorite show

read books together out loud or in silence

talk and listen with our whole hearts

Dancing together in the kitchen

Encouraging each other often

to chase our passions and dreams

Texting and calling just to say,

“I miss you” – “I love you” – “I believe in you!”


Love is knowing me

And not knowing just about me

But knowing who I authentically am

Knowing what makes me tick

My likes, my dislikes

My victory, my disgrace

And still

Wanting and needing to be with me

Serving others with me

Seeking God with me

Praying, hoping, and worrying with me

Forgiving me when I do you wrong

Apologizing when you do me wrong

Enduring life with me through it all


Love is

Not only melding time and space

Love is fusing hearts in the deepest sense

Love is hearing me, seeing me

feeling me before you touch me

Love is caressing my face softly

Just because you love to be near me

You love to touch me sweetly and gently


Love is not only feeling

Love is choosing to hold on to “hope against hope”

even when love feels stagnant, hard, or hopeless

Hold on to God until the difficult moments pass

Believing they will, if only we “be still and know”

Love is never giving up on growth

Love is never giving up on yourself, God, or each other

Love is not a “return on your investment”

But love seeks to invest without thought of return

Love seeks to be of service without recompense

Love seeks to lay down your life for your beloved

Love is unfailingly choosing to be on the same team

Fighting together for those you love


With hope,

Ruth Renee



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Set free…

Trapped words set free
My time is now
To verbalize what happened
The story of my life
symbolism in everything
Understanding God, truth, poetry
my gift, my talent, my identity

Seeds not buried under a rock
But planted in good soil
Watered enough to grow
Sprout and blossom
Rise up as a sapling tree
Young, small at first
Growing mature, tall, strong
A mighty live oak
Reaching up to the blue, blue sky
A mighty live oak
Filled with leaves year round
Sometimes needing pruning
Always bearing green, green leaves

Thank you, God
For sending me believers
Who showed me who You are
I learned who I really am
I accept the gifts and talents
You gave me before I was born
I am finding my purpose, my calling
My words no longer hidden
My talents no longer buried under a rock

I let go of guilt and shame
I cast my cares on you
Because you care for me
More than I will ever know
It is time now
My time is now
Trapped words set free
Trapped words set free


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