Life Lessons from a Nurse Coach…

How are you MOVING YOUR BODY as the weather cools down?! For me, I think that bike rides are amazing!! 🚴

Are you moving enough? @nursehealingadvocate

I regret that my bike has mostly been sitting in my garage for the last few years, especially since my divorce a few years ago. 💔

This fall, I decided it was TIME to get my bike fixed up. I kept hearing the thought in my head, “You should take your bike to the local shop and have them fix it up so you can get back out there.” 🏥

I ignored the thought for a few months until finally around last week, I decided that it was time!! ⏰

So about a week ago, I took my bike to the local bike shop for a MAJOR tune-up. They did an AMAZING job fixing it and restoring it to it’s original glory..:

🚲 New chain
🚲 New tires and tubes
🚲 New tape
🚲 New Shoe Clips
🚲 Good ‘Ol Wash and Shine ✨

Are you ready to kickstart your life? @nursehealingadvocate

This fall, I’m so excited to get back out on the trails riding my bike!! I am so grateful that God rescued me out of trauma and destruction, and recovered and restored my life, making me a new creation.

The old is gone. The new has come!! 🙌🏼✨

Before trauma memories and chronic health problems imploded my life about 7 years ago, I used to ride my bike ALL THE TIME!! 🚴 ❤️

I LOVED biking with friends around the lake, and had a dream to participate in a 100 mile bike ride, specifically the Texas Hotter than Hell 100!! 🥵

I did quite a few rides, and my endurance increased up to 60 miles before everything changed and my life fell apart so that God could put it back together on the only stable foundation I’ve ever known….Christ alone!

Y’all, Jesus really is enough!! I didn’t use to believe this. I thought I needed so many other things…the perfect husband, house, kids, job, and clothes. You know the story!! BUT GOD WRECKED MY LIFE in THE MOST MESSY AND BEAUTIFUL WAY!! 🙌🏼

He pursued me with a RECKLESS FOREVER LOVE that I could not deny not run away. I am saved by GRACE ALONE! CHRIST ALONE!! He is my sure foundation, my anchor. My fortress, my rock! ❤️

In my heart, He lives and loves me. Every part of me!! Even and especially the messy, broken parts. He makes all things new! He specializes in restoring broken hearts!! 💔

The love that I now freely give comes from Him alone. He is my focal point, my saving grace, my Redeeemer and my God! ❤️‍🩹

💔❤️Before & After@nursehealingadvocate

I remember 5-7 years ago when I could barely walk down the street without feeling faint because of undiagnosed #hashimotosthyroiditis and #ehlersdanlossyndrome. One of the symptoms was that I suffered from severe dysautonomia and thermoregulation dysfunction. 🥵

For all you who don’t speak medical jargon, this means that my body did not properly regulate my temperature, heart rate, or blood pressure very well. So much so, that I could not tolerate exercising outside in the hot weather. ☀️

I’ve been doing trauma recovery work and taking SMART baby steps to improve my physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational wellbeing over the last 7 years.

During this time, GOD began to heal my heart, mind, body, spirit, and relationships…from the inside out!! Change began with me CHOOSING to take the first step!! 🏃‍♀️

You are meant to blossom! Give yourself permission to take the first step!

It’s been 7 years, and that dream to ride in a 100 mile bike ride is alive again!! 🚲

Yesterday was day 1….10 miles!!! One time around the lake!! HECK YEAH am I going to celebrate this HUGE WIN!!! 🚴 🙌🏼 🥳 🎉🎊

You got this because God’s got you! @nursehealingadvocate

5 years ago….I could barely walk/jog around the block without feeling dizzy and faint. I’ve WORKED HARD! 😓

And GOD has been by my side EVERY STEP of the way! Throughout it all, I have learned this to be true…God never fails! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

God never fails me! @nursehealingadvocate

AND yesterday…I biked aound the lake in the middle of a 90’ sunny day during Texas September summer!!! 🌞 🥳

I felt SAFE doing so because I learned how to listen to and honor my body. I now know what electrolytes I need to drink and bring with me to support the unique needs of my body. 😊

I now know how to better take care of myself by utilizing a mix of conventional and holistic health measures. 🩺🌿

God is everywhere. @nursehealingadvocate

If you want or need a friend to help you kickstart your life into healthier holistic living and have the desire to live your life FULL OUT, then I would absolutely LOVE to help you figure out how to TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK, whatever that looks like for you!! I personalize all my coaching to the unique needs of my individual clients.💜

Are you ready to kickstart your life?! @nursehealingadvocate

As a NURSE COACH, I love that I have the HONOR of holding a safe space for other broken humans like myself, especially as we WAKE UP and decide that it’s time to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT!! 👀 💪

And if you SIMPLY want a friend to bike around the lake with, hit me up!! I’d love to talk about life and marvel at the beautiful fall season with a friend, new or old. 🍁🧡 😊

Nature is my happy place!! @nursehealingadvocate

Happy Fall Y’all!! And cheers to healthy living!!

Ruth Renee RN

I’d love to hear how I can help you kickstart your health recovery. I’d be thrilled to help you take your life back!! ✨

Please comment below or I can be reached by email at Tell me what you’d like to be coached on and why!

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Ruth Renee Rehart, RN

Hi there! Here’s a little about me… I love gardening, being outdoors in nature, especially near mature trees and large bodies of water. The lake is my favorite place in the city. I enjoy writing, photography, and abstract painting, yoga, biking, and jogging with my dogs. Having been born and raised In California, but now living in Texas, I must vacation to some beach every summer! I am passionate about coaching and encouraging others to believe in and love themselves enough to practice healthy self-care. You are enough and you are worthy just as you are. I graduated Cum Laude from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. I worked as cardiac nurse in Michigan and Texas hospitals for over 7 years. Years after I left the bedside, I found nurse coaching and will never look back. I adore helping women find courage to heal so that they can step into confidence, joy, and divine rhythm. I am a trauma survivor and autoimmune/chronic illness warrior. I love to share the resources and wisdom I have gained through my personal transformative health journey. Cheers to your health and happiness, to living in your highest alignment!

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