Sunsets & Restaurants…

I love it when a hard day has a peaceful ending, and I am reminded of the never ending goodness of God.

I noticed this beautiful sunset when walking my dogs.

I followed my gut to drive to a certain place for dinner.

I ran into a friend I missed and hadn’t seen in awhile.

I went to pay for my meal, and found out the person sitting next to me had grabbed my check without my knowing.

My troubled heart felt peace, joy, and loved.

God is always aware of everything I need.
He shows me I am loved, and calms my worries.
He pursues me with a reckless love so I know just how special I am.

I am grateful my eyes are no longer blind to His ever-present goodness, love, and grace. In every moment of fear that I turn to him, He is there.

With gratitude,

Ruth Renee

Written 04.17.2019

Have you ever had a hard day, week, month, or year that ended more beautifully than you ever expected?

I’d love to hear about it via comment or email.

Published by

Ruth Renee Rehart, RN

Hi there! Here’s a little about me… I love gardening, being outdoors in nature, especially near mature trees and large bodies of water. The lake is my favorite place in the city. I enjoy writing, photography, and abstract painting, yoga, biking, and jogging with my dogs. Having been born and raised In California, but now living in Texas, I must vacation to some beach every summer! I am passionate about coaching and encouraging others to believe in and love themselves enough to practice healthy self-care. You are enough and you are worthy just as you are. I graduated Cum Laude from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. I worked as cardiac nurse in Michigan and Texas hospitals for over 7 years. Years after I left the bedside, I found nurse coaching and will never look back. I adore helping women find courage to heal so that they can step into confidence, joy, and divine rhythm. I am a trauma survivor and autoimmune/chronic illness warrior. I love to share the resources and wisdom I have gained through my personal transformative health journey. Cheers to your health and happiness, to living in your highest alignment!

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