My Anchor…

I’ve written a lot about my dad on this page. I was only 15 when we lost him. My heart broke in ways I am only now comprehending.

But my mom, she is an anchor in my life. She has weathered so many storms with me and loved me through it all. We don’t have exactly the same interests, but she is the woman who taught me by example of her daily obedience… “trust in the Lord with ALL my heart, and to lean not unto my own understanding.”

This isn’t the best picture for a close up (phone quality y’all know) but it is one of my absolute favorites!!! She came to my need last year on my birthday, near what is always one of the hardest days and weeks of her life to remember…the day she let my father choose to come home to die, and the week we brought him home. All during Thanksgiving week.

I write from the heart, and in the moment, so my grammar isn’t always perfect here on social media. But I’m human, and that’s okay. We weren’t made to be perfect. That’s why we have a good, good God. My mom studied and highlighted her scriptures every day. She always brings her own set even on vacation. I am beginning to wonder if she ever misses a day.

This I am learning, because of HER….radical obedience brings radical Joy! I love my mom with ALL MY HEART, just like my Great Aunt Betty told me I had to do. “A-L-L – you have to surrender to God with ALL your heart. It has to be ALL. Nothing less.” I guess making it to 95 can make one pretty wise!

Mom, at 77, your age reminds me that life is ALL about forgiveness and letting go. Sorry about sharing your age, but knowing you…I know you don’t mind. Because in this broken world, you taught me to just be my authentic self. You gave me the most precious gift of all….faith by example.

I love you mom. And for any grammar nazis, this may just not be the page for you. Because these words come spilling out of my heart from the deepest place of love. And once I feel them, I can’t wait a second longer to share them with those I love. And my mom showed me being perfect is the least important thing in the world.

Mom, I love you so much. ♥️

Ruth Renee


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